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How did you find Crested Butte?
I came to Harmel’s Ranch Resort in May 1993 and spent the
summer in Taylor Canyon. The first time I had the opportunity
to enjoy Crested Butte was Halloween night 1993. I happened
to walk into a local drinking establishment without a costume on
and quickly realized my mistake. Within minutes, my friend gave
me a bed sheet, cut four holes in it and I was back in action. At
the time, I didn’t understand the importance of owning a costume
When did Crested Butte first feel like home?
From the first moment I arrived in town, Crested Butte felt
like home. I remember my first winter in Crested Butte, my par-
ents came to visit and I wanted to learn to snowboard. My dad
and I were in the Colorado Boarder looking at snowboards to buy.
He said he would “split” one with me, because he didn’t want me
to stay here. He thought I would change my mind about living in
Crested Butte if I had to buy my own equipment. He was very
hesitant and one of the other customers, who was a friend and
co-worker of mine, told my father “Don’t worry, she’ll be okay,
we will take care of her now.” And my father asked, “Who’s we?”
The reply was, “Her Crested Butte family.” I still own that snow-
Living in Crested Butte gives me a comfortable feeling that I
don’t get anywhere else. I barely remember living life before mov-
ing to Crested Butte.
Why are you proud to call this place home?
Every day I think about how lucky I am to live here. I realize
how fortunate I am to be able to raise my children in this commu-
nity, to own a business and work here, to be able to ski, hike, ride,
float, camp, etc. in my backyard.
Crested Butte is a vacationer’s paradise and it’s fun to live in a
place that everyone thinks is special. It’s a true community where
people look out for each other.
Crested Butte is a place that makes me happy; it encourages
me to be me. It’s still shocking that I get to call this place home. I
couldn’t imagine living anywhere else…
What sets Crested Butte apart from other
The natural beauty of Crested Butte is obvious to anyone
who experiences it and I never get tired of watching the seasons
change. There are plenty of beautiful mountain towns, but none
as stunning as Crested Butte.
I love the spirit of this town. It’s like none other.
The vibe that Crested Butte creates and attracts is quite exuber-
ant. It’s the diversity of the people and their characteristics that
make Crested Butte stand out. The passion and the drive that lo-
cals have for their cause is genuine. It takes a tough person to live
here and the people who choose Crested Butte are ambitious.
The people who live in this town know that life is for liv-
ing and most of us know how to make every day count. I
good celebration and Crested Butte doesn’t let me down when it
comes to utilizing my extensive costume collection.
To be able to live this lifestyle on a daily basis and to have
this quality of life is immeasurable and for me, the rewards are
t h i s p l a c e w e c a l l
h o m e
Tracy Hastings
Mother, wife, friend, daugh-
ter, sister, volunteer, wedding sales manager at
Crested Butte Mountain Resort and co-owner
of Treasury Liquors and The Store
Years in Crested Butte:
21 fun-filled years