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Upgrade your kitchen with new Energy Star® appliances to reduce
energy use. Gunnison County Electric Association offers rebates for
members purchasing the following Energy Star® appliances:
Refrigerators and freezers - $100
(with proof of recycle of old refrigerator/freezer)
Dishwashers - $45
Clothes washers - $60
Electric water heaters - $70 to $95
Heat pump water heaters - $370 to $420
LED light bulbs - 50% of the cost of the bulb up to a max of $10 per bulb
970-641-3520 |
serving the entire upper east river valley
your local independent agent
For all of your commercial
insurance needs
Diane Markowitz
318 elk avenue
acuity - Cincinnati - allied
liberty Mutual - travelers - pinnacol - hartford
philadelphia - Central - united Fire - Fireman’s Fund
Culinary idols
Julia Child because she is
fearless, and Thomas Keller
because of his standards.
Kate’s newest culinary crush
is Suzanne Goin.
Music in her kitchen
Lots of Arctic Monkeys,
Gorillaz, The Strokes and
Modest Mouse stuff—and
Paul Simon for those moody
The Crested Butte
One of her dishwashers didn’t
show and Chef Jason Vernon
from Soupçon hand-delivered
one of his own to help. Kate
says, “The hours are hard,
it’s physically demanding and
there are not really that many
rewards, but being able to
support each other is power-
ful for us. We ain’t got much
more than that.”