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Did you know you can purchase beautiful custom framing and be kind
to our environment at the same time?
Our supplier, Larson-Juhl, provides us with access to over 160 FSC
and PEFC certified frame styles and 90 certified mat colors.
By choosing certified frames and mats, you can be confident you are
using responsibly harvested products from sustainably managed forests
Bring in your art so we can help you choose the perfect framing for your taste
and style whether it be contemporary, traditional, colorful or rustic.
FOrE S t F r i EndLy F ram i ng !
Their concept behind django’s was to create a social experi-
ence in which people have access to stepping out of their
comfort zone and trying new things. “This is how Chris
and I like to eat and sample different things,” Kate says.
Serendipity stepped in a few years ago when Jeff Black,
the president of Celebrity Chef Tour Benefiting the James
Beard Foundation was sitting at the bar at django’s on the
Fourth of July, sampling Kate’s menu. Kate recalled, “He
said, ‘You should really cook at the James Beard House,’
and I said, ‘Yes, I should.’ He said, ‘No, I’m serious.’”
Black finds chefs from around the country to nominate to
cook a fundraising dinner for the James Beard Foundation.
She didn’t hear from Black’s office for six months. And
then, once the call was made to book Kate’s dinner, there
was no doubt in her mind she would do it. “It’s such a great
Her dinner was a success. “It’s extremely humbling… It’s
validation, it does matter,” Kate says. “What I’m doing may
not be changing the world, but I’m getting some validation
from some of the best in my field.”
Kate has continued to cook with the James Beard Founda-
tion Celebrity Chef Tours, still a great honor.
These experiences are ones she will never forget. “It’s all life
is—a series of experiences, of hopefully memorable experi-
ences. And they say experiences are made over a shared
See Page 47 for some of kate’sthoughts
culinary idols
, andthe
support of others