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S t a y i n g t r u e
She fought it for a long time. She first planned on becoming a veterinarian. That was
when she was six. Next it was to become an architect. That was in high school. Then
she planned on a career in art conservation. That was in college. She took a long detour
with a tech start-up company. It wasn’t until she moved to Crested Butte and married her
husband that the urge she had always put away in the back of her head emerged. Kate
Ladoulis became a chef, and a damn good one at that.
The husband and wife team behind django’s on the mountain and the Bacchanale in the
heart of Crested Butte has created a mini-dynasty in the town’s restaurant scene.
When she was 38, Kate and her husband, Chris, left Crested Butte for New York, where
Kate would go to the French Culinary Institute. “I resisted the family business for a long
time,” says Kate, whose dad ran a restaurant for most of his adult life. “But Chris really
encouraged me to go to culinary school.”