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Tips from contractor Ben Somrak
\ Walk the property with a contractor and build a good relation-
ship with that contractor.
\ After purchasing the property, put your plan in place. Decide
how much money you want to spend.
\ Set your timeline, but be open-minded about it.
\ Keep up good communication with your builder and your
designer. And be prepared to make a lot of decisions.
Organization is key.
Tips from interior designer Kristine Pivarnik:
\ Be honest. Get to the core of your reasonings. Set three to four
primary objectives for your home. Articulate your budgetary,
functional and aesthetic desires. Combined, these will serve as
a guide when making decisions along the way.
\ Respect the process. All professionals should have one and, if
followed, your results will be phenomenal.
\ Environment affects emotion. Be true to yourself and express
what types of surroundings make you feel the way you want to
feel in your home. You do not need to interpret “mountain”
style the way anyone else does.
\ Keep it clean. Let’s be frank, everything has a lifespan but to
add longevity, keep interior finish materials simple. Add fur-
nishings, textiles, lighting fixtures and accessories that favor
current trends.
\ Add texture. When using a monochromatic or neutral color
palette, be sure to introduce a variety of textures. Light will re-
flect the differing surfaces and make the elements of the space
\ Be authentic. Fill your home with items of personal interest to
you, ones that you have collected along the way or represent
yourself. Mix old and new treasures.
Pivarnik loves the challenge a major renovation offers. But at the end
of the day, she says, “I really want the owners to enjoy their house and
get longevity out of their home.”
What does Somrak love the most about these projects? “You get to see
the before look on their faces, and the after, that’s the best. The wows.
They understand how much it took to get it there. They know the
before and the after. Remodeling takes a lot of creativity and a lot of
problem solving.”
The most rewarding part for Woodward is to see the properties she’s
sold being passed from generation to generation.
“It’s emotional real estate here,” Woodward explains. “The reasons to
buy in Crested Butte are deeper. Who wouldn’t want a good invest-
ment? But it’s emotional. They love Crested Butte and they want to be
here because they love it.” She concludes, “When they leave Crested
Butte to go back home, this is what they dream about.”