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Somrak looks for good integrity in a home, to tell if it’s
well built with a dated interior. Those homes make for
perfect renovations.
“I do enjoy building from the ground up. I have total
control,” says Somrak. “But I love to help people take
something dated and sometimes awful and transform it
into their dreamhome.”
Pivarnik worked on a Mt. Crested Butte remodel re-
cently that took a house from ‘90s mountain home
complete with river rock and Saltillo tile to a sophisti-
cated rustic modern house. “The homeowners wanted
to have a place here to raise their kids andmakememo-
ries,” says Pivarnik. They found a home in a grove of
trees on the mountain and fell in love with the location.
But the home needed to be modernized in its look and
feel and how it lived. Pivarnik had a challenge in front
of her, but as you can see on page 20, the results were
Another project, this time with Crested Butte Builders,
was updating a penthouse in Mountaineer Square,
pictured here. It was only ten years old, but the ho-
meownerswantedanewermountainhome look.
The reds and browns made way for a modern
monochromatic interior, complete with a
hand-made aspen grove in the dining room.
“The homeowner wanted it to feel fresh and
clean, not heavy mountain,” Pivarnik says.