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Now only eight of the best remain.
Biggers says they are a dedicated
group that takes pride in seeing a job
done well.
The crew had dozens of reclaimed
beams, hand-hewn and still complete
with their original mortises and even
hardware that bears a rusty patina
that can only be earned with age.
Many of the beams, Biggers says,
are hickory and oak that came from
the Midwest, where they supported
family homes and farmhouses for a
century or more before being repur-
The beams form the grid the rest of
the house is built around and bring a
depth and texture to the house that
couldn’t be gained easily any other
way. Each is a work of art, carved
with a broad axe and born for util-
ity. But after being brushed and var-
nished decades later, they are worthy
of the floor-mounted lights directed
to many of the beams
throughout the
Just as impressive are the reclaimed
chestnut floors and the hand-wrought
iron railings, the custom kitchen ta-
ble and the cabinetry. Even some of
the furniture is custom built by Big-
gers’ crew from drawings the owner
made. Everything about the house is
done with an eye toward luxury and
“We were so impressed with the
craftsmanship and the people we
worked with on this project. If any-
thing stands out to us, it’s the quality
of workmanship in the house,” the
owner says. “We constantly admire
how beautifully built it is.”
With more than 5,000 square feet
of living space, the house has room
for every occasion, but not so much
that people get lost to one another.
“We wanted a cabin, something with
smaller spaces and nothing that ap-
peared to be too big from the inside
as well as out.”
Inside, the spaces are cozy and invit-
ing, with comfortable furnishings and
warm lighting that the owner chose
and arranged. And, as all great homes
are, this one on the East River is still
a work in progress, getting finishing
touches all the time. It’s the sign of
someone who’s never tired of the
project, even after it is mostly done.
“Easy doesn’t begin to describe how
great it was to work with [Johnny].
Under Johnny’s leadership, the whole
team was so creative and such a plea-
sure to work with. This was our first
experience building a house and with
Johnny’s guidance it was a great one.
We never once heard ‘no’ or ‘it can’t
be done.’ It was always ‘We’ll make
it work.’”
Now the hard part will be finding
more time to spend in their piece of
“What’s not to love about Crested
Butte? What everybody says about
Crested Butte is so true. It’s charming.
The community is wonderful. You can
settle right in,” the owner, who now
lives in the valley about half the year,
says. “We were fortunate that we had
friends here before we built the house.
But it’s a very welcoming community
and we’ve made so many wonderful
new friends. As mountain towns go,
I’d say it’s at the top of the list.”