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With every modern amenity and luxury
beneath a simple roofline and surround-
ed by time-tested materials, it’s a place
where you can appreciate top-level crafts-
manship that doesn’t go over the top. Ev-
ery detail is as perfect as it is unpreten-
tious, and that’s just the way the owners
wanted it.
Where some vacation homes can feel like
a museum or a cavernous lodge at Yel-
lowstone, it’s easy to imagine pitchers of
lemonade on the porch and screen doors
snapping at the heels of kids running
through the Chirekos’ house.
After following a career to the East Coast,
it was time to reclaim the life they longed
for. “We lived in Colorado before we
moved to New York and it was always
our intention to move back, it just took a
little longer than we thought,” the owner
says. But after 20 years of having Crested
Butte in the back of their minds, the time
is coming for a change.
After living near the city, the first thing
they went looking for in a new property
was space. “We looked at a lot of differ-
ent places. When we saw Hidden River
we loved it immediately. It’s so special to
be along the river,” the owner says. “We
love that it’s easy to get into town and has
wonderful space.”
They like to fish and their dogs like the
water, so a place on the East River was
just right. It offered plenty of room to
stretch out and even an opportunity to
see the cattle grazing in the neighbor-
ing fields. “My best day is seeing the
horses and the cattle nearby. One of the
most wonderful things about Gunnison
County is the ranching community that’s
here,” she says. “And it’s calving season,
which is the best part.”
The owners knew what they wanted,
they just weren’t sure how it should look.
Along with Pete Weber, an architect and
based Coburn Development, they came
upwith a plan to build a house composed
of three “pods,” using various exterior fa-
çades that give it the look of a homestead
that grew with the family inside.
“Pete came up with the idea of having
three pods,” the owner says. “That way
you get the sense of being in a smaller
space. It looks as though it grew up over
time around the center part of the house.
It’s a very comfortable and functional de-
To pull it off, the owners called on Johnny
Biggers, owner of CrestedButte Builders,
who has been building in the valley since
the summer of 1983. After retiring from
the ski patrol in 1999, Biggers got into
building full time and has since taken his
place among the area’s most elite custom
The owners had heard of Biggers
through a friend and when they inter-
viewed him for the job, they knew im-
mediately the fit was right. And around
him was an incredible assemblage of the
valley’s best craftspeople.
“They made it a really fun project,” the
owner says of Biggers. “He’s such a tal-
ented, personable, guy and everyone on
his team is the same.”
During the peak of the valley’s real estate
boom prior to 2008, Biggers had a crew
of 20 people working for him.
n a home on the
East River, the
owners didn’t stop
at using reclaimed wood.
They reclaimed a style and
brought a simple elegance
back from a bygone era.