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There once was a tree of magic so pure

Just standing beside it, you could be sure

Any dream you had, be it big or small

Could come to life, one and all

In the warmth of its brilliant light

The mind of a child can paint so bright

Toys can dance and carolers sing

Cartoons to life, the magic will bring

In the swirling needles of this pine

Christmas cheer becomes power divine

All through the night, the party goes

Children laugh as merriment grows

The innocent desires of each heart

Realized as the holiday starts

As the dawn begins to break

And everyone on Christmas does awake

The joy felt around this tree

Spreads far and wide, to you and me

For one also resides inside your home

And it does not stand for the season alone

It is a window through which to view

The spirit of giving and love, it’s true

The tree that I mentioned as we began

Does not only grow where its seed did land

Instead it grows in each of us each year

Ready every December to bring its cheer

~Kagan Love

Cover art submitted by Piper Dugh, Bowie Junior High, sixth grade; Jon, Gold-Burg; Abigail Johnson, Forestburg, eleventh grade; Xzarndra Herrera; Shauna Riggs, Forestburg, ninth grade; Trent Walker, Bowie High School, tenth grade;

Victoria Lasch, Bowie High School, eleventh grade; Luis Leon, Bowie High School, ninth grade; Brittani Bentley; Carrington Davis, Bowie High School, ninth grade; Lexi Tood, Forestburg, fourth grade; Brittanie Bledsoe, Bowie High School,

ninth grade; Emmy Thomas, Bowie High School, ninth grade; Ireda Bamron; Rachel Allen, Forestburg, fifth grade; and Zane Campbell, Bowie High School, ninth grade.