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Cokato Charitable TrustHealth and Housing Services


Cokato Manor Community

• 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care

• Senior Day Services • Rehab Therapy

• Meals on Wheels • Child Care

• Transitional Care Wing • 26 Single Rooms

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Cokato Manor Home Health

• Medicare Certified • State Licensed

• Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

(320) 286-3049

Heritage Place

A Secure Memory Care Unit

(320) 286-2158

Edgewood G es

Independent Senior

Living Apartments

Housing with Service Options Available

600 East Third St., Cokato

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funeral services

Traditional funeral services

are still the standard for com-

memorating the passing of

loved ones. Many take com-

fort in time-honored traditions

when a loved one has passed.

However, these ceremonies

have seen a shift from sober

gatherings to occasions that

celebrate and honor a life

lived. As such, today’s funeral

homes are now offering a full

range of personalized services

to serve all tastes and budgets

following a personal loss.

It’s becoming increasingly

common to hold individual-

ized memorial services to

highlight and celebrate the

personality of the deceased.

More and more fu-

neral homes are

displaying personal

objects depicting the



and professions of

the recently departed.

Funeral directors can

also display respect-

ful videos or slide-

shows as a tribute to

those who’ve passed.

Music, decor, ambi-

ance, buffets, even the

releasing of balloons

or doves; all these de-

tails can be arranged

to provide family and

friends the ideal set-

ting to express their


The tribute paid to

lost loved ones dif-

fers from person to

person and family

to family. From the

religious procession

to the memorial ser-

vice, funeral homes

offer a full range of

services specifically

tailored to honor the


Coping with loss and grief

The loss of a loved one triggers physical, psychological and

emotional reactions that can be difficult to overcome. It’s an

inevitable part of life that will forever be a source of suffering

and anxiety for each and every one of us. And although unbear-

able at first, pain is a sign that the healing process has begun.

Mourning will vary greatly from person to person, but we all

tend to experience common stages of grief. There’s an immedi-

ate sense of shock and denial upon first losing a loved one. Once

this disbelief subsides, feelings of anger and sadness surface as

we slowly recognize the magnitude of the loss. These emotions

are ultimately replaced by a sense of acceptance as we begin to

move forward and deal with the reality of our situation.

There are no set rules or guidelines when it comes to mourn-

ing because we all go about it in our own way. It’s important to

be patient with yourself and allow yourself to experience and

express the full range of your emotions. There’s no set time-

table for when you should start feeling better. Some days will

be more difficult than others; the pain you experience might

even intensify or subside from one hour to the next. Accord-

ing to specialists, a period of mourning can sometimes last for

months or even years, and under no circumstances should it be

hurried or forced. If the pain becomes too overwhelming, talk-

ing with someone, writing or even drawing can help you cope

with your emotions.

Sometimes, overcoming the loss of someone dear to us

seems next to impossible. And even though grief tends to make

you feel isolated, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Most neighborhoods have support groups that can help with

the mourning process. Members will listen to you and share

their personal experiences, which can be a great comfort dur-

ing the initial period of bereavement. There’s also a wealth of

online forums, chat rooms and resources that provide similar

services. However, it’s important to recognize when your pain

becomes more than just grief. Consult a doctor if you begin to

have symptoms of severe insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Grieving the loss

of a loved one

can take months

and even years.

Personalizing funeral services is a

way to honor lost loved ones.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney, or

POA, is a legal document in

which a person appoints an-

other (the “attorney-in-fact”)

to act in his or her name in cer-

tain matters. A durable POA

is used to designate a person

to manage one’s financial af-

fairs until the death of the

“grantor”. It is deemed invalid

if the grantor becomes men-

tally incapable and, therefore,

no longer capable of granting

that power. In some states, it

is possible to grant a “spring-

ing” power of attorney. In this

case, the attorney-in-fact may

only assume the management

of the grantor’s financial af-

fairs and property once men-

tal incapacity is deemed to

have taken place. Similarly,

in some jurisdictions a health

care proxy agreement may be

granted, in which a designated

person may make end-of-life

and other health care decisions

on behalf of the grantor.

A POA document does not

necessarily need to be drafted

by a lawyer; however it can be

very useful to consult with a

lawyer if the circumstances

of a situation seem less than

clear. A notarized POA is

more likely to stand up to any

third-party challenge. It is also

recommended that a copy be

given to the grantor’s bank and

lawyer to keep on file.

Naturally, there are some

important things to think

about in choosing a person to

manage one’s personal financ-

es and property. Naming one

adult child or sibling as attor-

ney can sometimes cause con-

flict within a family. Naming a

trust company, lawyer, or close

friend might be one way to deal

with this; alternatively, nam-

ing additional family members

as POAs is an option. In every

case, it is advisable to require,

in the document, that all deci-

sions and actions be reported

to specified family members

on a regular basis.

Power of attorney specifications and formats vary from

state to state; it is advisable to read up carefully on the

subject and consult with a lawyer who can advise on the

particularities of your situation.