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Letter fromthe publisher

Half the funof writing this column inAbout US year after year is togo

back and see how closely we were able to forecast the happenings

and progress in the year ahead. We win some and lose some.

This time last year, we predicted crude oil to be at $75 today. We

wish we’d have prophesied correctly. Unfortunately, a barrel of

crude costs only pennies more than a big bucket of chicken. For

the year ahead, we predict oil to balance out around $45. It’s not

enough but it beats the current level.

We were optimistic last year that the Hough family would transform

the troubledCushingCountryClub intoBuffaloRockGolf &Gun - an

absolute thing of beauty - which they have done, and then some.

The golf course is inbetter shape than it’s been ina generationwhile

the clubhouse including the BR Steakhouse, Pro Shop and meet-

ing rooms has blossomed like a beautiful rose. It’s fabulous in every

way. We are soproudof the facility andwish theHough familymuch

success as they continue their, yet unfinished, transformation.

Last year we boasted of a newcompany, Tall OakMidstream, invest-

ing multiple millions into our community for a natural gas process-

ing plant. Less than a year after constructionwas completed, the as-

set sold to yet another wonderful corporate citizen we welcome to

our community, EnLink Midstream. It’s a large company and we’re

honored to have them in Cushing.

In the last year, RCB Bank completed the multi-million remodeling

of their bank here. We celebrated the completion and are pleased

with the way the organization has embraced the community. Their

branch leader, Jerod Helling has hit the ground running. He is on

the chamber board of directors and is an active leader reinvigorat-

ing our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

WATCOCompanies rail services werementioned in this column last

year. They’ve been quiet on the Cushing front but have terminals

in Oklahoma City and Stroud with a terminal for loading and trans-

porting crude from Cushing to Houston. A company spokesperson

said the terminal will be a state-of-the-art facility. The terminal,

along with the rail spur from Davenport to Cushing will require a

near $100million investment. Regardless of oil prices, productmust

bemoved. We will hear more from themand probably see local ac-

tivity fromWATCO in the coming 12months.

For Cushing Public Schools, 2015 was a year of change. The new

middle school is complete and serving the district and students

well. The high school has undergone a transformation that, among

other improvements, eliminated the flat roof. This completely

changed the looks of the facility. It’s quite attractive. The architects

did a superb job.

In the past year, we’ve hired a new assistant city manager, Jeremy

Frazier. He and his wife, Rebecca will be moving to Cushing soon.

Jeremy comes with years of experience in municipal government

and community development. He will be a valuable addition and

will take the helmof City Manager upon the retirement of City Man-

ager Steve Spears.

A rekindled partnership between the city of Cushing and the Cush-

ing Economic Development Foundation will result in the addition

of a full-time Economic Developer in the next year. The new ED

will work with the community to position us for growth. He or she

will help identify types of companies we can best accommodate

in Cushing and go to work to recruit them. This position is about

adding jobs in Cushing. There’s little question high on the list of his

or her tasks will be helping the community to address the issue of

housing. Every responsible community is constantly seeking ways

to refresh housing inventory.

Earlier this month, January, we were excited to celebrate with the

community as Representative Lee Denney was honored with the

Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chamber Annual Banquet. Lee

has, for most of her adult life, served Cushing in one capacity or an-

other. She served on the Cushing board of commissioners and as

mayor of our community. Then she worked diligently serving Cush-

ing in the best way she could, as our state representative for the

maximumnumber of years allowed by law. She was a good choice.

Before About US 2017 hits the streets, we’ll have a new President

of the United States. Regardless of your political views, if you are an

American citizen, you have the right and responsibility to vote. The

majority of this country has been silent too long. Please register to

vote thanmake your vote count this year.

Your About US magazine is a labor of love for your local newspa-

per staff. We work very hard to make this publication something

of which our community can be proud and of which visitors and

guests can be impressed.

As your newspaper publisher, I can only express my love and grati-

tude to our team that created this publication and to the commu-

nity advertising herein making this publication possible. We appre-

ciate your support and commitment.

There will always be challenges. We still have much reason to be