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In the fall of 2015, a group of Cushing political leaders, city staff,

educators and community influence came together at the Cushing

Public Safety Center to unite behind one common cause. The

cause would inspire people to take personal ownership of their

community block by block with pride. The focus of the pride would

center on cleanliness and beautification. Birthed that evening was

Cushing Pride.

For more than a decade, hearts in Cushing have cried for a cleaner

city. Town hall meetings in 2005 got the ball rolling. The theme was

birthed from those meetings, when it was determined Cushing is

not a very appealing community when it is not clean. Cushing in

2005 increased its code enforcement division, implemented new

ordinances focused on aesthetic improvements and building and

sign regulations. They were enforced.

Some may argue the city pride birthed in 2005 has not been

successful. Others disagree. The city allocates $100,000 per year

to abate uninhabitable properties. It continues to make strides by

removing said properties —most are unsightly — and we still have

work to do.

The city remains aggressive with enforcement efforts for property

owners who do not mow their grass and allow rubbish to collect.

Arewe better thanwewere 10 years ago? Most think so. Dowe have

more work to do? Yes, we all do. That’s right, we all do. Cushing

will never reach its potential unless we all take ownership in our

surroundings, our block our town. Hence: Cushing Pride.

In partnership with members of the community and business

community, Cushing Pride kicked off in November 2015. Seventy-

seven people said, “Count me in” during the first Cushing Pride

event. Numerous areas of Cushing were cleaned by a robust group

of volunteers. The resultswere immediately noticeable and tangible

tomany, especially those living in areas that were cleaned.

In 2016, more Cushing Pride events are being planned. “As we


and a place in Cushing Pride,” said Terry Brannon, chairman of the

CushingBoardof Commissioners. “All it takes is for you to standwith

us and say, ‘Count me in’. Be a Cushing Pride champion.”