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JULY 25, 2014
a u s t
i n c h r o n
i c
l e
. c om
Thursday 24
Bangerz and Sass Sing-Along
Action Pack.
Miley, Taylor, and Katy, plus a few more. @Alamo
Ritz, 10pm.
Blue Velvet
D: David Lynch. (R, 120
The Complete David Lynch.
Lynch scarred
many a psyche with this look at an idyllic small
town’s sordid underbelly. @Alamo Ritz, 3:45pm.
Funny Girl
D: William Wyler; with Barbra
Streisand, Omar Sharif. (G, 155 min.)
Summer Film
Classics: Barbra!
In her debut film performance,
Streisand portrays Fanny Brice, a vaudeville star
whose life and loves are given the Hollywood treat-
ment. (Double bill:
The Way We Were
.) (*)
@Paramount, 7pm.
Monty Python Live (Mostly)
D: Eric
Idle. (NR, 180 min.)
NCM Fathom.
The remain-
ing Pythons perform their greatest hits. Sunday’s
screening is live from London, with encore screen-
ings on Wednesday and Thursday. @CM Cedar Park,
Tinseltown North, Arbor, Metropolitan, 7:30pm.
Pitch Perfect
D: Jason
Moore; with Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Skylar
Astin. (PG-13, 112 min.)
Girlie Night.
Lakeline, 7pm Alamo Slaughter Lane, 7:25pm.
The Princess Bride
Quote-Along (1987)
98 min.)
Action Pack.
@Alamo Ritz, 7pm.
Scenes From a Marriage
D: Ingmar
Bergman; with Liv Ullman, Erland Josephson. (PG,
169 min.)
AFS Essential Cinema: Liv & Ingmar.
Bergman’s pessimistic takedown of modern mar-
riage may leave you devastated and emotionally
exhausted, but, you know, in a good way.
@Marchesa Hall & Theatre, 7:30pm.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
D: Tobe
Hooper; with Marilyn Burns, Gunnar Hansen, Ed Neal.
(R, 83 min.)
Celebrating its 40th anniversary with
a new restoration, this horror classic still packs a
punch. @Alamo Village, 10pm.
The Way We Were
D: Sydney Pollack; with
Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford. (PG, 118 min.)
Summer Film Classics: Barbra!
The story of Jewish
left-wing ugly duckling and the WASP prince with
whom she falls in love encapsulates its time and
emotions with knowing precision. (Double bill:
.) @Paramount, 9:55pm.
D: Randall Kleiser;
with John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard
Channing, Didi Conn. (PG, 112 min.)
Blue Starlite
@Blue Starlite Drive-In at Austin Studios,
D: Charles Sturridge; with Peter
O’Toole, Samantha Morton, Peter Dinklage. (PG, 100
Screenings at the Blanton.
When a family is
stricken by poverty and forced to sell the famous col-
lie to an arrogant duke, it’s up to the intrepid dog to
find its way home. @Blanton Museum of Art, 1pm.
Friday 25
Forrest Gump
D: Robert Zemeckis; with
Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field.
(PG-13, 142 min.)
Master Pancake.
Run, Forrest,
run … far away from these merry jokesters who are
certain to put your life story through the wringer. (*)
@Alamo Ritz, 7, 10.
George Washington
D: David Gordon
Green; with Candace Evanofski, Donald Holden,
Damien Jewan Lee, Paul Schneider. (NR, 89 min.)
Iron & Wine Presents.
Sam Beam presents Green’s
debut feature, a sublime tone poem about adoles-
cence. (*) @Paramount, 7pm.
Shoot to Live Film & Music Festival
An evening of hip-hop and salsa videos, the
premiere of Romeo Navarro’s feature film
An Army
of Shooters
, plus live music with La Vida Buena
and a music mix by DJ Fabian. @Marchesa Hall &
Theatre, 8pm.
Ultimate Nineties Party
Action Pack.
Slaughter Lane, Alamo Village, 10:30pm.
Blue Starlite Drive-In.
@Blue Starlite Drive-In at Austin Studios, 9pm. (See
Thursday, 7/24.)
Soylent Green
See p.60.
saTurday 26
The Americanization of Emily
See p.58.
D: Douglas McGrath; with Gwyneth
Paltrow, Toni Collette, Jeremy Northam, Alan
Cumming, Ewan McGregor, Greta Scacchi, Juliet
Stevenson, Polly Walker, Sophie Thompson, James
Cosmo. (PG, 120 min.)
Afternoon Tea.
Emma is clueless when it comes to her own love
life. (*) @Alamo Lakeline, 4pm.
Forrest Gump
Master Pancake.
@Alamo Ritz, 7, 10. (See Friday.)
Life Itself
D: Steve James. (R, 115 min.)
The life of Roger Ebert is celebrated in this docu-
mentary by the director of
Hoop Dreams
. (*)
@Alamo Lakeline, 12:45pm.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
(R, 95 min.)
Austin fans have been dressing up and
doing the “Time Warp” thing live for more than three
decades. For more info, see
@Alamo Village, 12mid.
Totally Eighties Sing-Along Dance Party
Action Pack.
@Alamo Slaughter Lane, 10:30pm.
Bottle Rocket
D: Wes Anderson; with
Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Robert Musgrave, Andrew
Wilson, Lumi Cavazos, James Caan. (R, 95 min.)
the Bottle Rocket Motel.
This event, now in its
fourth year, includes a screening of the film, cos-
tume contests, trivia challenges, and more. (*)
@Days Inn, 1pm.
Documenting our Presence: Multicultural
Experiences of Mental Illness
D: Aashish Kumar and Aabha Adhiya. (NR, 20 min.)
This doc takes a compassionate, hopeful look at
the experiences of people of diverse backgrounds
affected by serious mental illness. A discussion fol-
lows the screening. @Women’s Community Center,
1704 San Antonio St., 6pm.
2001: A Space Odyssey
D: Stanley
Kubrick, with Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood. (PG, 139
Kubrick’s film remains a peerless monument
– a complete and total film experience, magnificent
in its scope and expression, singular in its vision
and ambition. (*) @Blue Starlite Drive-In at Austin
Studios, 9pm.
Which Way Home
D: Rebecca Cammisa.
(NR, 90 min.)
Child migrants traveling through
Mexico are the subject of this documentary.
@Servant Church, 1605 E. 38½, 7pm.
sunday 27
Cruise Control: The Tom Cruise Marathon
D: Various.
Tough Guy Cinema.
Five mystery films
will screen in honor of everyone’s favorite 5-foot-
7-inch, multimillion-dollar-earning Scientologist.
@Alamo Ritz, 1pm.
Field of Dreams
D: Phil Alden Robinson;
with Kevin Costner. (PG, 107 min.)
1989: 25 Years
If you build a tearjerker, they will cry. (Double
.) @Paramount, 4:25pm.
The Last Dragon
D: Michael Schultz; with
Taimak, Vanity, Julius Carrey, Faith Prince. (PG-13,
109 min.)
Motown’s Berry Gordy produced
this karate picture starring two one-named won-
ders, Taimak and Vanity, and a selection of Motown
B-sides. (*) @Alamo Lakeline, 7:05pm.
Tuesday 29
Dirty Ho
D: Lau Kar-Leung; with Gordon
Liu, Wong Yue, Lo Lieh, Hsiao Hou. (NR, 103 min.)
Eastern Fury.
One of the masterpieces of Hong
Kong martial arts cinema (and not the nasty
American title it might sound like) provides a
showcase for deft star Gordon Liu, who portrays a
playboy prince who must keep his kung-fu mastery a
secret. @Alamo Village, 7:30pm.
Do the Right Thing
D: Spike Lee; with Lee,
Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee. (R, 120 min.)
1989: 25 Years Later.
Spike Lee’s provocative master-
piece. (Double bill:
Roger & Me
.) @Paramount, 7pm.
Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform
This live event features Beck and experts
railing against Common Core, and offering up alter-
natives for the American education system.
@Metropolitan, Arbor, 7:30pm.
K Missing Kings
D: Shingo Suzuki; with the
voices of Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono, Tomokazu
Sugita. (NR, 73 min.)
Your weekly anime fix. @Alamo
Lakeline, 7:10pm.
Life Itself
@Alamo Lakeline, 12:45pm.
(See Saturday.)
Pitch Perfect
Girlie Night.
@Alamo Ritz, 7pm; Alamo Slaughter Lane, 7:15pm.
(See Thursday, 7/24.)
@Barton Creek Square, 9:30pm.
(See Monday.)
Roger & Me
D: Michael Moore. (R, 91
1989: 25 Years Later.
This incendiary doc
examines capitalism’s cruel emphasis of profit over
people. (Double bill:
Do the Right Thing
@Paramount, 9:20pm.
The Sadist
D: James Landis; with Arch Hall
Jr. (NR, 92 min.)
Terror Tuesday.
Hall plays a psycho-
path who terrorizes a group of people stranded by
car trouble. Hall will be there in person to terrorize
the audience after the film. @Alamo Ritz, 10pm.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret
of the Ooze
D: Michael Pressman.
(PG, 88 min.)
(*) @Flix Brewhouse, 7:30pm.
Two Step
D: Alex R. Johnson; with James
Landry Hébert, Skyy Moore, Beth Broderick. (NR, 93
Austin Film Society.
The lives of a direction-
less college dropout a career criminal with his back
against the wall violently collide. @Marchesa Hall &
Theatre, 7:30pm.
Wild at Heart
The Complete David
@Alamo Ritz, 3:45pm. (See Monday.)
Wednesday 30
Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for
D: Toshiyuki Kubooka; with the
voices of Hiroaki Iwanaga, Takahiro Sakurai. (NR, 95
Going through
Game of Thrones
drawal? This epic fantasy film is here to help.
@Alamo Village, 7:30pm.
Do the Right Thing
1989: 25 Years Later.
@Paramount, 8:50pm. (See Tuesday.)
Life Itself
@Alamo Lakeline, 3:40pm.
(See Saturday.)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
D: Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. (PG, 90 min.)
Summer Classics.
@Tinseltown North, Hill Country
Galleria, 2pm.
D: Ron Howard; with Steve
Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Rick Moranis. (PG-13,
124 min.)
1989: 25 Years Later.
Just about every
aspect of parenting is covered in this winning
ensemble comedy. (Double bill:
Field of Dreams
@Paramount, 2pm.
The Secret of Roan Inish
D: John
Sayles; with Jeni Courtney, Eileen Colgan, Mick Lally,
Richard Sheridan, John Lynch, Gerard Rooney, Susan
Lynch, Cillian Byrne.
A satisfying swirl of history,
nature, and folklore that speaks to all ages. (*)
@Alamo Slaughter Lane, 11am.
The Sepia Screen
See p.58.
Monday 28
David Lynch Mystery Program
D: David Lynch.
The Complete David Lynch.
While the lineup for this
show is top secret, you can probably expect some
early shorts, some of Lynch’s work in advertising,
and maybe episodes of his short-lived TV show
the Air
. @Alamo Ritz, 10:15pm.
Field of Dreams
1989: 25 Years Later.
@Paramount, 7pm. (See Sunday.)
Life Itself
@Alamo Lakeline, 3:35pm.
(See Saturday.)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Action Pack.
@Alamo Slaughter Lane, 9:30pm.
1989: 25 Years Later.
@Paramount, 9:10pm. (See Sunday.)
Pitch Perfect
Girlie Night.
@Alamo Village, 7pm. (See Thursday, 7/24.)
D: Paul W.S. Anderson; with Kit
Harington, Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie-
Anne Moss, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica Lucas,
Jared Harris. (PG-13, 105 min.)
A gladiator slave
must rescue his secret love before Vesuvius erupts.
(*) @Barton Creek Square, 9:30pm.
The Princess Bride
Action Pack.
@Alamo Slaughter Lane, 7:15pm,
Alamo Lakeline, 7:20pm. (See Thursday, 7/24.)
The Truman Show
D: Peter Weir; with Jim
Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney. (PG, 104 min.)
is a ’round-the-clock “reality” TV program in this
before-its-time film, and Truman Burbank (Carrey) is
its unwitting subject/hero/leading man. ( (*)
@Flix Brewhouse, 7:30pm.
Wild at Heart
D: David Lynch; with
Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern. (R, 127 min.)
Complete David Lynch.
Lynch won the Palme d’Or
at Cannes for this surreal Southern Gothic. The film
screens in 35mm, and that’s rockin’ good news.
BYO cockroaches. (*) @Alamo Ritz, 3:45, 7.
Sleepaway Camp
D: Robert Hiltzik;
with Felissa Rose. (R, 88 min.)
CineMondays: How
I Spent My Summer Vacation.
This classic slasher
film is injected with some gender politics.
@Spider House Ballroom, 8:30pm.
by marjorie baumgarten and josh kupecki
july 24-31
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